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Jtech's Asterisk Server Pages - Overview

I set up a 'home' Asterisk server on a test Linux box and it works GREAT!! On the "internal" LAN. But when my test users on the Internet tried to connect to my Asterisk server, they could'nt. Here's a picture of my original home setup.

We've tried all kinds of port forwarding on the rounter and nothing works. Thanks to a lot of suggestions on the forums for asterisk we got "somewhere" but not what we want.

The bottom line finally we realized was that the Linux/Asterisk server was "behind" a "NAT" and so were the test users trying to connect to my Asterisk box. - This simply won't work.

The "Fix"

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, take a look at the Figure 3 (below):

What we did was to "replace" the router with our Linux box (running Aseterisk) and running routing software so everything on our local LAN could "talk" to the Internet. We also made our Linux box a DHCPD server to "serv" local LAN IP address to our PC's and phones because we're to lazy to maintain a static IP assignment list.

This puts the Asterisk server directly on the "Net" so now it's not NAT(ting) since the Linksys router is out of the picture. - And (so far) everything's working fine. My test users can log into my Asterisk server and the voice quality is great!

Great! How can I do this?

Simple - Click on the links at the menu on your left and give it a shot!

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