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Build your own Linux/Asterisk server
(the easy 'Jtech' way)

First of all, let me expain that Jtech.Net is dedicated to the "Newbie"!! And you're not alone!! There's lots of us out there wanting to know the same stuff you want to know. And we've all got to start someplace and the more folks we can help in the way we do it, we'll also hope you'll do the same once you've gained experience.

Overiew of the required tasks:


For hardware you don't really need much. Just about any ole' PC will work fine. Here's a description of our test server we use here at Jtech:

  • Basic box: This is really a basic PC with a "no-name" motherboard but it does have an "on-board" Ethernet adapter.
  • CPU: I believe it's either a Celeron or P-4 CPU running at 800mhz. - More than enough.
  • Memory: 512mb (I'm too cheap to buy more).
  • HDD: 40gb (we actually use less than 2gb).
  • CD Drive: Yes - The most simplest type will work.
  • Keyboard, Monitor, Mouse - The mouse is not required. We'll be doing everything from "command line" (you 'point and click folks' should probably bail out now).
  • Ethernet Adapter(s) - One if you're only going to be using your Linux/Asterisk box on the local LAN. Else you'll need a second card to make your Linux/Asterisk box a "router". - Don't worry, we'll help you get through setting this up.
  • Monitor - Uh... I think it only goes to reason that you'll need one of these. High quality is not important (keep it cheap!).


We use the Slackware Linux distributions here at Jtech. - While it doesn't really matter what particular distribution you like, most of the following holds true for "generic" Linux.