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Sipura Firmware Update

Sipura SPA-1001
Sipura SPA-3000

Note: The SPA-1000, SPA1001, SPA-2000, & SPA-3000 use the same firmware.

Sorry - We don't have a picture of the SPA-2000.

All of the above TA's (Telephone Adapters) for the SIP protocol work GREAT but unfortunately are out of production. - But there are still plenty around on E-Bay and elsewhere selling very CHEAP.

The problem with Firmware for these things started when Sipura sold out to Cisco. - Cisco keeps all Firmware close to the heart and it's darn near impossible to find it on any of Cisco's sites.

Since I've got about a dozen of these things, I've bought the bullet and built up a small collection of firmware and will provide you with instructions on how to upgrade your Sipura TA.

Let's get started: - First take a quick read-through of the different methods you can use then download the version you want for the upgrade method you plan to use (see the bottom of the page). - Note: If you use the 'http method-B', you don't have to download anyting (you an use our site).

Before continuing: We assume you have a DHCP server on your network so the Sipura can obtain an IP address. - If not, you better re-think this unless you know how to statically set IP address, netmask, gateway, DNS, etc, in your Sipura.

Reset the TA to 'factory'.

Please note that any set ups in our TA will be erased.

On your phone, enter * * * *, you'll hear a voice saying 'Sipura configuration menu'.

On your phone, enter 7 3 7 3 8 #, you'll hear a voice saying 'Press '1' to confirm'. - Press 1 - AND WAIT - wait for the lights to stop blinking.

Find your phone's IP address.

On your phone, enter * * * *, you'll hear a voice saying 'Sipura configuration menu'.

On your phone, enter 1 1 0 #, you'll hear a voice telling you what the TA's IP address is. - Write this down!

Installation Methods

Windows Method

You'll need the .zip file for the version you are installing.

Using winzip or some other extraction software, extract both files in the archive to a folder. - It's a good idea nothing else is in that folder.

It's assumed that both the TA and you're Windows box are on the same network."

Go to the folder where you extracted the files and double click on the .exe file. - You'll be required to input the IP address of the TA. - Just follow the prompts.

http-a method - your own httpd server.

You'll need the .bin file(s).

Put the .bin file(s) in a directory on your httpd server. - For discussion, let's say we put our files in the 'Sipura' directory.

Fire up a browser and enter the following URL: httpd://a.b.c.d/upgrade?httpd:// - Where 'a.b.c.d' is the IP address of your TA.

If successful, you'll see a 'wait' screen and the lights on your TA will be flashing.

http-b method - Using Jtech's server.

You don't need to download anything.

Fire up a browser and enter the following URL: httpd://a.b.c.d/upgrade?httpd// - Where 'a.b.c.d' is the IP address of your TA and 'filename' is one of the '.bin' files listed below.

If successful, you'll see a 'wait' screen and the lightson your TA will be flashing.

After upgrading.

Point your browser to the TA's IP address so you can re-configure it using the new firmware.

Good luck!


Please note in the below table the "Windows Version" zip files also include the same binary files that are listed in the second column. - We separated them if you have trouble unzipping files.

Sipura Firmware Downloads

VersionBinary File Only Binary File W/Windows Installer