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Captcha Crazy!!

(With Asp.Net)

Welcome to Gary's 'Captcha Crazy' Page!!

As you can see above, you can make captcha's that range from the 'modest' to the 'rediculous'. - All 4 of the above captchas contain the same characters (you may have to re-fresh the page to see this). - We can alter the makeup of our captcha to make it very difficult for robots ('bots) to discover. - But if we're not carefull, we can also make it difficult for humans too!

Make your own captcha!

The following allows you to create your own captcha by altering the 'starter' captcha we've placed here to get you going. - Do do so, simply change one of the items below then click on the 'Check Answer / Regenerate Captcha' button.

You can also test you captcha by entering it's text in the answer box (case insensitive). - If the answer box contains an answer, we'll tell if you if you were right or wrong. - Please note that since the captcha wlll be re-generated and you will not see the captcha you just answered.

We've also listed some 'Help' items for each topic in case you want some more info.

The captcha control's defaults are already set in the boxes, dropdowns, etc. - But feel free to change them and play around.

<cc1:CaptchaControl ID="ccJoin" runat="server" />

Border Settings


Background & Background Noise Settings

Noise Level

Noise Color

Line Settings

Line Level

Font Settings


Character Settings
(# of chars)
Character List

Captcha Size Settings (In pixels)


Timeouts (in Seconds)


Border Help

You can have a border around your captcha if you wish. You have three items to play with. You can specify the 'Style' of border, its 'Width' (in pixels) and its 'Color'.

A few 'gotcha's' regarding borders:

  • You won't get a border if it's width is set to zero.
  • You won't get a border if it's style is set to 'None'.
  • Your border's color will be black if you specify the color as 'None'.
  • You'll get a border but won't be able to see it if the border color is the same as your captcha's background color (duh!).
  • If your captcha is in a table cell, you'll need to increase the cell's width by adding twice the border's width to the existing cell's width (else you won't see the right side of the border very well).